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Raj Thackeray
मनसे अध्यक्ष
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Funny Indian Hindi Jokes

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Mosquioto Trap.

You need:
2 litre plastic bottle.
200 ml hot water,
A small glass for diluting sugar.
50 g of coarse sugar/ brown sugar,
Yeast powder/ granules
Black paper / black plastic bag

Cut the bottle in the ratio of approx 3:1.

Mix 200ml of hot water with 50g sugar. Then cool the sugar water & add the yeast powder/ granules.
Note: You don't have to mix - it will react gradually with the sugar to produce CO2,

Now Pour the solution to the cut bottle

Fit the upper cut part upside down.

Make it a tight fit by using celltape so that the CO2 that's produced will only be coming out of the bottle hole which is upside down:

Note: C02 i.e carbondioxide which human breathes out attracts mosquito's which senses like a living animal

Now stick the black paper arround the bottle. As mosquioto are attracted to black color.

Now place in a humid dark corner of the room. where you think more mosquito are there.

After every Two Weeks replace the sugar water and the yeast with the lot of trap and dead mosquitos.

Try it and let me know your response at

Save your money and live a chemical as well as mosquito free free life.

Listing for Sebi Registered Advisories

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