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What is Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)



Turn off the lights when not in use to save electricty.

Take advantage of daylight by using light-colored, loose-weave curtains on your windows to allow daylight to penetrate the room. Also, Decorate with lighter colors that reflect Daylight.

Dust lighting fixtures Every Day or atleast every sunday to maintain 100% illumination

Use task lighting; instead of brightly lighting an entire room, focus the light where you need it.

Compact fluorescent bulbs are four times more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs and provide the same lighting. Buy energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs for your most-used lights. Although they cost more initially, they save money in the long run by using only 1/4 the energy of an ordinary incandescent bulb and lasting 8-12 times longer. They provide an equivalent amount of bright, attractive light. Only 10% of the energy consumed by a normal light bulb generates light. The rest just makes the bulb hot.

Use Electronic chokes in place of conventional copper chokes. (T5 Tube Lights)


Replace conventional regulators with electronic regulators for ceiling fans

Always Install exhaust fans at a higher elevation than ceiling fans.
Always use fans that have five star ratings.

Electric iron

Select iron boxes with automatic temperature cutoff. As this will save power as an when iron gets hot its is switch off

Use appropriate regulator position for ironing as required.

Do not put more water on clothes while ironing as it will need more electricity to dry that water.

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